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About Me

Yuuto Nakagawa - University Student

Univ: Tokyo University of Information Sciences - Network Infrastructure and Security Laboratory

Hello. I'm Yuuto with Japan, I am university student for Informatics - Network Programing and so on.

Welcome to my site and Thank you for knowing me.

        www.tuis.ac.jp 東京情報大学 総合情報学部 総合情報学科
   www.mhis.tuis.ac.jp ネットワーク・セキュリティ基盤研究室 花田ゼミ
www.nettech.tuis.ac.jp 東京情報大学 NetTech

I learn to COMPUTER NETWORKs - TCP/IP, Content Centric...

Internet Backbone is working by some technology - electonic,data stream,network segmentation,network managiment... and more.

Internet is growing day by day with Network Technology.

I want to be belong to developer teams for network technology

This Site is support to learning and recoding anything for me.

Please feel relaxed!

Thank you.

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